hi guys,
I’m not going to go into specifics here but I’ve been struggling a lot lately. it got me thinking and I know I’m not the only one so I’ve put together just a little care package with a few items that you may find helpful. (plus it’s always nice getting something in the mail and knowing…

My amazing friend is doing this. She is so beautiful!

I’ve had people asking me “but aren’t you a christian?” as if somehow I had more faith, or just prayed the right prayers then everything would be okay and I wouldn’t struggle with the issues that I do.
and eventually I started to believe that everything I’m facing was in fact, all my fault. “where is your God now?”
I want to challenge that view and say that’s not how things are. it would be easy to believe that God’s love and faithfulness means you wont ever face trials or hardships again, that life would be fair. and that when things did turn bad, He would fix them and make everything better. But God doesn’t once say He will never give us anything we can’t handle on our own. He says he’ll never give us more than we can handle with, and through Him.
believe me, I know how it feels to hear testimonies praising God for jobs, healing, new beginnings and happy-ever-afters. I know how it hurts when you’re in the midst of pain and all you can think is how it doesn’t apply to you. don’t get me wrong, you’re happy for those who God has changed circumstances and hearts, how He blessed them, but what about those who continue to live in pain? who aren’t healed, who live with loss, who don’t get their picture perfect ending. what about them?
Understand who God is. Know that He is in all of that. He is there. He remains faithful. He is steadfast and unchanging. mighty and powerful. He is our strength against the enemy. merciful and just. His love is sufficient. His grace is enough. He is all-knowing and comforting and He will meet us where we are. He has a plan for your life and His timing is perfect. All things work together for our Good and His glory.
In Christ We have freedom and new life. but we also have His love, joy, peace and strength needed to get through each day. and being a Christian doesn’t mean life is easy or free from hardship, but it does mean that when we walk through life and face these struggles we are not alone. so to those people asking “where is your God now?” He is with me. always.